tarmak clusters set-current

Set current cluster in config


Set current cluster in config

tarmak clusters set-current [environment-cluster] [flags]


-h, --help   help for set-current

Options inherited from parent commands

-c, --config-directory string                          config directory for tarmak's configuration (default "~/.tarmak")
    --current-cluster string                           override the current cluster set in the config
    --ignore-missing-public-key-tags ssh_known_hosts   ignore missing public key tags on instances, by falling back to populating ssh_known_hosts with the first connection (default true)
    --keep-containers                                  do not clean-up terraform/packer containers after running them
    --public-api-endpoint                              Override kubeconfig to point to cluster's public API endpoint
-v, --verbose                                          enable verbose logging
    --wing-dev-mode                                    use a bundled wing version rather than a tagged release from GitHub